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Good music Is a Good For The Soul… I Sometimes think that, great talent is hard to find in urban music… I found some of the greatest talented musicians in country music & Rock &Roll … And some urban artist… Who actually take it further than just singing… These will actually pick up a instrument play it and after said song is composed these artist actually go in the vocal booth & write the song then sing every part from the harmonies to the backgrounds & lead… These kinds of artist are special.. I.e Stevie wonder.. JMoss .. Prince… John Meyer.. There are too many to name but I respect these artist #Most…. #Love2All🌎🌎🌎

R.I.P To Big Marcos Rodriguez

Sending Love & Prayers To The family Of Marcos Rodriquez “Big Strech” Of South Cal Vibe!!!

I Met Big Marcos Through My Boy.. Eddie Montelongo, We Had Been Recording & Working On Some Projects.. Yall For Give me This is hard!! Cause i Met Marcos @ A Time When Lorence Michaels Wasn’t Too Popular & I was Pushing My Name Through The Songs i was Ft on Monteloco albums, Well To make A Long Story Short..Marcos Got a Song/Demo Cd Stuck In His Cd Player & It was Finally Found By Lorence Michaels, Oh About A Week later he came & Said I am Going To pay To get Your project Done, & he Asked For Nothing In return, I said To Myself I met A Angel, We All laughed That he Had Got That song Stuck In His car, I Loved That Dude & he has A beautiful Family!! I Put it this way any one who can get my cd stuck in there cd player listen to the music and loves it so much he felt like the world should hear it… he was a angel, he knew my voice Is a god given gift!! Big Marcos You Will Be Missed I pray That Your family Have Peace & Joy In These days!! I Thank God For The Time We Shared Together brother @ All The Concerts & Thank You Marcos For Your 110% Support For Lorence Michaels Music!!…… Rest In Peace Big Marcos!!

"South Cal Vibe!!"

Lorence Michaels

Show Time With Lorence Michaels & His Very Special Guest Come Through Bring Your Friend Or Lover, Come Out & Enjoy A Night Of Soul R&b & Some Hip Hop, Its A beautiful Venue & It promises to Be a Special Night, There Is Free parking for all our guest.There is free Parking Available For our guest @ The Metro station On lankershim and campo De Cahuenga, The free universal tram is across the street & goes up to the venue, $7 valet with validation from venue open till midnight.. Other wise parking is $10,00 and the closest available is in the jurassic parking garage, Level 4 Section J, & it is very close to the venue. You can Buy Tickets @

GBMInc/Ha La Entertainment

"ShowTime" I Have A Show @ Universal City Walk @Club Infusion Lounge, I Will Be Ft @MikeySmit @Flash-E & @JohnDivon, It Will Be A Mix Of Soulful R&b & Some Hip Hop, Come Out & See Top Model, Take This Groove & The Twitter Hit & Love You Do It Well Hit!! This is A GbmInc/Ha La Entertainment Along With LTSproduction!!! You Can Get Your Tickets Now @ ,Tickets Are $10 Dollars In Advance Or $15 @ The Door. Its Friday Night I have A 30 mins Set, Please Be @ The Club @ 8pm Or Before I am Going On Prime Time, Between 8:45pm & 9pm.. Ladies Come Out Get Get Your Rose, Lovers Bring Your Lover, Friends Bring A Friend!! Have A Safe Week Ahead Get Your Tickets & I will See You Friday Night Feb 7th 2014!! Tonight I am Putting A new Video Up Of The Song “Your Eyes Say” I Hope You Guys Enjoy The Video, We Had Some Fun making It!! Just Click The Photo It will take You To Buy Your tickets link on line. Or Find My Twitter Page Or faceBook Page leave me a message if you in los angeles and want to buy a ticket from me just hit me up @LorenceMichaels Or You can Hit Up @Mikey Smit , @Flash-E Or @John Divon For Tickets Too, See You Guys @ The Club!! Much Love To My Supporters & Lovers Of Good Music!!

Lorence Michaels

NEW Video By Lorence Michaels

Thank You for Supporting GBMInc/Ha La Entertainment. It means Alot To us as Being a independant Label. Ok Lorence Michaels has A Show Feb 7Th @ Univrsal City Club “Infusion” I Hope You guys Come Out To Support, I Will Be Featuring Miket Smit, Flash E & John Divon.. Von Rich Dutch, Will Be On Deck Too So Come Out & Enjoy The Show… You Can View The Video @ & Learn More About Lorence Michaels… Lorence Michaels Agenda, Uplift All Lovers Through Songs!! I say This All the Time!! “Doesnt matter Who You Love, How You Love, Just As Long As Its Good Love!!!… The Kind Of Love That Send Chills Up & Down Your Spine!! (LOL) (LOL) (LOL) i just wanted to give a shot out to all my Friends, fans, & partners
Much Love To You Guys for supporting the Lorence Michaels & GBMInc/HaLaEntertainment Music.


Rememeber what You make happen For Others, You also make happen for Yourself, (GoldenKey)

& For Those Who can believe This : What We do For Others The Lord will do even greater & more impossible things For Us!! Sending So Much Love To All…..

Lorence Michaels

I Was Asked, Where I Come From? & I was Saying To The Person, I Started In Church. I Did Go To Hartford Ct School Of Music Conservatory, But I Learned Most Of What I know About Music In Church, Any way They said They hear My Soul & R&b But Where Is My Gospel,& Some Friends Was Asking Me To hear Some Of My Gospel Music lately I have some Gospel Up On Reverbnation 1 Song, i dont know how long its going to be up(This Gospel Song On Reverbnation) but if you want to hear a taste of some of my gospel i invite you to listen In It’s Called (Where You Gonna Run) Something A Little Dif Than A Praise Song! & I hope you hear the message. You can hit the link below.. Have A great Week I Will be Putting Up New & Exciting Vids Very Soon!! Much Love Family!! (P.s. I Dedicate This Song To Joe Lagun & The Mighty Clouds Of Joy From Los Angeles)

Lorence Michaels

I Love America, I Was Talking With Some Friends Who Are Really Concerned About The Government Shut Down & A Certain Set Of friends Had This stance And My Rep Friends They have This stance and so many Others have Given me a Opinion, I Love America I Jusst Want Every One To Enjoy Freedom Its A beautiful Thing, I Tell My Friends I am Not Taking Sides Because We Are A Nation As A Whole…I Might Sound Childish But I think We Can All Find Middle Groud If We Try Hard Enough!!! I Wrote A Song Called America(Land Of The Free) Its A free DownLoad You can Get The Free Down Load@ Or @  &  I Hope You Share It & Do Something Good For America!! “GOD BLESS AMERICA” God Bless Us All

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